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Kevin Smith Describes Zack Snyder's Original Three Part Justice League

@ 34:30

Kevin Smith describes how he met someone who worked on the original plans for Zack Sndyer’s Justice League. Smith’s source alleges that Jim Lee had story boarded all three movies. As previously speculated, and later confirmed by Zack Sndyer on Vero, the Snyder Cut of Justice League ended with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and company confronted by Darkseid. Darkseid stared down at the Justice League form a boom tube while they looked upward before the tube closed.


Part two of Justice League would have focused on the team taking the battle to Apocalypse, Darkseid’s home world. Fearing the threat of something larger in the universe, the league teams up with the Green Lantern Corps to prevent an all out assault on the Earth. Smith notes that the Justice League is defeated according to his source and Darksied now has free reign to dismantle their home planet. The third part would be the Knightmare from Batman v Superman. Complete with evil Superman and a destroyed planet as the remaining heroes try and fight off Darkseid’s reign.

However, I question the validity of Smith’s source as he states that the scene from the Justice League trailer, where Alfred says “Let’s hope you’re not too late” was originally filmed with Green Lantern. I question this due to the fact that scene was in the blue ray special features showing it was indeed Superman. It was an original Zack Sndyer scene and was never filmed with a Green Lantern. You can watch the clip above and make up your own mind and what you choose to believe. As for me, I still think there’s way too much misinformation when it comes to what happened behind the scenes with Warner Brothers, Zack Snyder and Justice League.

As you can see, the segment where Smith talks about Justice League was heavily edited. Some details were missing and we may never know what those details were. Though, I’m willing to bet someone from that live audience will spill the beans sooner or later.

Was his source legit or just trying to ham it up with a celebrity? As Smith states, he was talking to laborers in the United Kingdom that work on the sets as they are filming. Which puts a wrench into the whole story as laborers in another coutnry are not usually privy to future plans and what is being story-boarded back in the United States. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility they heard some talk.

In time, we might have the answers.

- Larry (LJW)

Larry Whitehurst